Who Are We?

nbc is a member driven organisation, with members making their own decisions about priorities and activities.  The Board of Trustees is made up purely of members who are supported in their decision making and running of the club by volunteers and one part-time administrator.  Self determination is at the core of nbcs principles.  It is a unique opportunity to find people who often find themselves with decisions being made for them to take control of their own lives.

nbc focuses on ‘home-grown’ activities devised and run by members themselves with volunteer support and on providing transportation for members to and from these events.  It is important that activities are accessible to all regardless of their income or location.

 Activities include a fortnightly social evening, an arts and crafts club and trips to places of interest, but nbc is much more than a social organisation.  It also focuses on healthy living through its allotments and its healthy eating cookery classes, guided nature walks and also focuses on offering members the opportunity for self development and learning skills which are not otherwise available to them eg. through its award winning weekly radio show ‘Happy Talk’ on East Coast FM, selling nbc merchandise and the Bus Buddies scheme which involves members helping other members to develop their confidence in using public transport.